Saturday, January 18, 2014

Music Fest Outfit Haul

Omg! Forgive me  readers this such a late post. But Im Glad I was able to blog it.

Its the season to be festive again. Despite of tragic catastrophic calamity we had this past months everyone desreve a break (2013). Christmas is the best holiday for me. Events, patries  and salo-salo are everwhere. What make me excited going to an events is the theme were you can showcase your most fab look. Last December 15 our company gave as amazedballs christmas party that was held in SMX Mall of  Asia (  oh diba sa moa bongga ).  Oh yeah this is a late post already but thank you if you're reading this blog you just made my heart tachycardia♥♥.  We just had our year end party celeb and the theme was Music Festival. I'm such a fan of music festival and its even my dream to go Coachella in US but since I don't have enough funds even passtport or visa hahaha for the mean time I just have to be contented with this.

Music Festive Outfit Haul

Music Fest Outfit


Dress from Forever 21

Sneakerwedge from Suite Blanco

Accessories both from a bazzar

Again Gracias kon ustedes for readng my blog . Hoping you get idea how to style on a music festical cause with this kind of events comfort is the most  important if you want to enjoy this festive moments.