Monday, February 24, 2014

I Found The Perfect One #ChooseToShine

Isn't amazing when you wake up in the morning and you still good about your hair? Well, who doesn't want to? But how come even though you shampooed and condition it still ending up a bad hair day. My hair is long since i was a kiddo. I tried different hair product and straightening solution just to maintain my hair straight but I ended up having damage freezy hair. So I thought only miracle can save my hair from being dry and damage. I've been waiting for the perfect one that would shine my lonely days♥♥♥ (oops I'm getting cheezy now). One time I was combing my hair with my goody brush (you know what I was thinking? oh common not boys! lol)  Someone knock our door. I heard a mans voice and Im not even expecting visitor.( oh my! is that the perfect one? harhar Here I am againg with my hallucination). It was just the mail man. I was surprised from what I got Courtesy from BDJ I received 2 box of pantene! Amazing!

Pantene Philippines

This is the Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner

Dont you know that it gives you 80% MORE conditioning ingredients than the regular Pantene Conditioner, strengthening your hair from roots out. Its the perfect product to aedd to your daily hair care regimen, especially when you have breakage and split ends. It will nurture your hair back to its natural beauty all the way to the tips.

Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water

A light weight, non sticky leave-on which transforms into clear liquid upon contact with hands, realising the water content that provides a light-finish. It helps hair maintain the perfect moisture level when you are out and about. With just 2 pumps a day, you will have beautifully moisturized hair in anykind of weather condition

But because of my bad experience in the past, wherein I was really heartbroken  with all the the expensive products that I've tried. To be honest I didn't expect anything but I asked myself Why not give it a try? Just like love you will never know if its the right one if you wont take chances, take a risk embrace it and learn from it. Boost yourself that you've got nothing to lose and that you deserve to be happy. let me quote you this from BDJInspire "Never ever underestimate your own efforts. The little things you do can make a big difference" (ahh I hope you get inspire to that) . So realized why not do things differently in the next 7 days, hmmm..

1st day. My motto "dont expect that once you tried it you'll get the result after it". But my perception about it changed. With a combination of pantene hair kit product I felt a bid difference already, from the old products I tried.
Day 2. My hair was amazingly manageable and Im loving it already.
Day 3. I stop to use hair iron! (loud and proud) .
Day 4. Less hair fall. Every time I comb my hair with my goody outchless brush I can only count the numbers of hair strands compare before (ps you can even make a wig with my hair fall before thanks pantene worry no more).
Day 5. I can easily shake it from left to right, whip it front and back and still my hair is tangle free.
Day 6. It was an errand day for me and I forgot to apply the miracle water I was worried that time but what i noticed was the beauty and effect of pantene still on my hair. The effectivity of the products is along lasting and its very worth it.
Day 7. Its official! Im in love. I found the perfect one. This will be my perfect partner for life. I just love all the changes that Pantene given me. My hair can easily control. Im confident with my rapanzel hair even it is so long. No worry for hair fall.Experience is the best teacher should I say. Its nice to share something good especially product that you can trust. A product that advocates beauty inside and out. Its nice to feel good about your hair, cause if you feel good about it well you will feel good about yourself and everything follows (let me highlight you that)

So I hope you find meaning with what I share today. Nothing is impossible if you believe and willing to change. Commit to push yourself harder. Be confident, smile, walk like a model then join me with other bellas by whiping our hair with confidence, cause like me I #ChooseToShine ;)

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