Monday, February 17, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous

The BDJ or belle de jour power planner is really more than just a planner .  They do have events wherein they gather people most of it girls like me. Last February  15 one of the events they did was  the BDJ Rendezvous that was held at Ace Water Spa. BDJ Rendezvous is an afternoon learning activity wherein they have different speakers to talk about like fashion, life, career, health and a lot more which is surely its worth of my time. Not just that, there's more! meeting up with the bellas is also something thay I'm looking forward. Bonding, playing, sharing thoughts and a lot more, gosh it was such an amazedballs and also theres a lot of newbies that I met. Oh well I'm no longer a newbie since I've been attending events for a long time.

So here's what happen before the event started, and the ganap was tarah!! thanks CANON CAMERAS for oure photobooth! We Bellas just had awesome picturan!
With the Bellas


Wacky shot with our newbie bella! Meet Coleen!

Host for the day Ms Jaenna Chan. Shes a host/model/blogger

                                                                   Meet our speakers

Born to be a hero by: Daniella Morga BE EMPOWERED TO MAKE BETTER LIFE DECISIONS

Wear on Repeat by Kabbie Alipio & Jacque Borja STYLING TIPS FOR THE FRUGAL FASHIONISTA

What to do with your money Katherine Tiuseco MANAGE YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES AND MAKE YOUR MONEY GROW

The secret to a wonderbod by : Jose Gemora Lose the  holiday  weight the proper way

Theres more!! Thank you so much BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER . This is also one of the exciting part of the event. Goodies!! whotwhot!! thanks to the sponsor!

My lovely shoes from FREE FISH SHOES

Mister Donut


Red Mango
Skin Food

Thanks to Ace Water Spa for the venue

Till next BDJ Event

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