Saturday, April 19, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous: Change The Game

Another inspiring event that I attended recently from the Belle de Jour Planner at The Ramp Crossings Shangri-la Plaza. I know but I hope is not yet late to post this blog since the event held last April 12, 2014. Even I had a lot of errands this past days I took some time to do some draft for this blog. Time management is just the key, so if you think you cant bit up the challenges I think its time for you to CHANGE THE GAME. But the big question is how will you #ChangeTheGame if you're already used on doing things that needs a big change? This question just make sense right so the good thing BDJ brought this up as the main event.

At the Registration Area

One of the early bella and oops! Say hi to my Mom
Our Host DJ Tracy Abad

So here are the list of talk

*PRESENCE IS POWER by Ginny Gonzales-Atacador dont you know that "it takes 15 seconds to make an impression and a lifetime to change a bad one" . So here are some tips to exude confidence and create proper poise and posture.

> STANCE  means how to carry yourself with your posture. For example when you standup practice using your Core (referring to abdomen). When walking walk tall always engage your core (oh common dont just imagine it while you're reading this, try it! stand up right think there's a book at the top of your head) it will make you feel more confidence and its good to your back. Another tips when bending, bend from your knees (practice proper body mechanics).
> SIGNALS  this means the use of your body language. Keep an open position. This make a person your welcoming them. Maintain eye contact. It shows sincerity. Social zone from eyes going to tip of nose.
> SMILE. Automatically draw people to you.
>AVOID NEGATIVE GESTURES such as staring and combination of pointing and whispering.

> SECURITY. Appearance has a major part of first impression but always remember to practice the true spirit inside. When everyone is standing you can still stand out.

Message of blog beauties and diversity by Danah and Stacey Gutierrez. Defy fashion ideals and be comfortable with your body. Are you comfortable with your body?? Are you the person who's dreaming to have a Miranda Kerr bods or any vs models? *wakeee uppp!! Erase the clouds on the top of your head. Having those curves and figure takes a long journey that you have to commit. Give yourself a break from hallucination. Dont cha worry here are some step by step guide to rule out insicurities. 1st DETOX. The only diet is media diet. Those thinspiration, before & after selfies that somehow can stress you out. Get to the root. Focus on your body. Keep a body gratitude journal. Pursue fitness not thinness.Enjoy fashion, dress on how you want to be addressed. When you make it rule it.Get comfy and own it.


Since its summer time we just want to have simple makeup considering the weather we have here in the Philippines. There are times that we just want to have no makeup look but if you are  more adventurous type, its time to change the game by breaking out beauty rules and add a sense of adventure to your daily make-up routine. Dont be afraid to experiment with colors. Know your asset. Lastly, if you want a satisfying looks invest in a good make-up ladies.

> GO THE EXTRA MILE by Anton Diaz

Dare to explore and learn how to survive the unfamiliar.
Disclaimer. This are just a guide for a better self. Atleast you got some idea on how to #ChangeTheGame

                                     Wait!! There's more! My take home goodies!