Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Costume Idea 2015 : Bunnified 👯

Hi, as Octoberfest ended we are now looking forward for? Is it for Christmas? Wait! I know we're excited about holidays but we still have November guys. Aren't you're excited about Halloween ideas? Well me if I were to ask not really tho since I'm not used joining to a trick or treat celebration nor making myself busy in preparing my Halloween costume. As far as I remember that last I wore a Halloween costume when I was on my 6th grade. I still remember my mom barrowed a black long dress from our neighbor who happens to be a muslim, so I was not literally on a Halloween attire. Obviously, never felt excited about Halloween but I took the opportunity to bully lower grades by scaring them. Lol. Cheers to that. The look of their face and the jitters that they felt when they were scared was one in a million. OK! Too much of my bully side. Let's move forward with my Halloween ootd.

Tada! I know that there's a lot to choose, from being a princess with a crown & a long gown to a devil wears Prada and even simple white lady look. So why wear bunny even its not even an easter egg celebration? My answer is why not? It's cute kaya! I know I can rock this look and It's not every day that you wear a costume. It was popular back in the day, and still is popular today. Im looking for a way to set of costume apart from the rest.

Did you know that when it comes to being a bunny, you have lots of options for colors, coverage and styles!  Notice the different details that make them unique and see what cut or coverage appeals to you the most. No matter which costume you pick, you'll still be rocking a look that is instantly recognizable as an iconic bunny. Since I don't have any option what style of bunny to use, my simple pink bunny costume can turn into something with the power of makeup.

Being a bunny usually means wearing a revealing costume, but not everyone feels comfortable being so exposed. Here are some ideas for adding a little more coverage without sacrificing the style that everyone recognizes. Whether you want to add a little more coverage, or a lot more, this guide will walk you through some easy steps to make you more confident in your bunny costume!

I hope you have fun and memorable Halloween. Let's not forget the essence and important why we have this event every year. 👯👯👯

Friday, October 30, 2015

Get Inside Soma Store

Major attraction to expect at the Manila Fashion Festival 2015

Just as other events that had been held in the past, general expectations of the exhibitors as wells as fashion enthusiasts and shoppers is to have q fully parked event with manytl things to see and buy as well as a forum to meet people in the fashion industry.

Soma Store at Green Sun 
2885 Pasong Tamo Ext Makati City

Friday, October 23, 2015

Manila Fashion Festival Spring-Summer 2016

The Manila Fashion Festival is one of the great event that takes place only twice a year but one that leaves a big mark on the country as well as on the visitors.

For some renowned fashion lover and designers Manila Fashion Festival is always an event to look forward to. This is because many things happen with designers from all walks of life gracing the occasion with their creativity on the catwalks.

On this page let me introduce the creations of our brilliant designers that give way on the first day of Manila Fashion Festival but photos currently posted was taken on my phone cause some was on my camera that still need major edit. For the meantime here's what I took so let's get started. 😁