Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bolinao Pangasinan Journal 2016: Me and My Shadow Wanderlust

Life is simply astonishing when you're having hilarity. You'll never endure about getting old once you enjoy and appreciate the things even on its simplest form. I heard and read about the statements but never did I know that I felt the same way. As I turned 28 last 3rd of March. I realized that I had the best birthday ever. I mean its perfect for travel. I was able to create a wonderful brilliant idea in how will I continue creating my life an extraordinary one.

I travelled the highways and byways despite the long ride and rocky roads to see the wonderful tourist spot in the province.

Tourism in general is relatively not new in Bolinao Pangasinan but when I arrived at the town proper I was the only local backpacker in sight. I think its best to go on tour during weekdays. There's a lot of recourse to opt for, it depends on your budget and itinerary. 

Honestly, my original plan was to stay in the resort. But as I ride in the tricycle I saw the pictures hung over that shows different tourist spot and I was enticed by the scenery picturesque then my original plan to stay all day in the resort change with a snap.

Before any thing else it is important to first visit the house of God. The Bolinao church is also considered one of the tourist spot in town.

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